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Sisters talk

Cos I promised I would post something so here I am typing away at 230am.


Had a long chat with sis on msn today. Seems like after daylight savings ended, the 7hrs difference has made it quite difficult for us both to be online at the same time. Hence it has been quite some time since I chatted with sis. In the past, once a while, we’ll have night talks where we’ll sleep on the same bed and talk/gossip/bitch till one of us fell asleep (which 99.999% of the time is sis). I miss those sessions. It was fun. Mummy who is a super light sleeper will complain that we are wasting electricity cos our room light will be on or she will come into the room (to scold us) and we’ll pretend to be asleep then when mummy left we’ll burst out laughing. Its just so coincidental that sis (ace is staying at his grandparent’s and max is out) and I (net having night flying so I dun have to cook dinner) are alone at home and are free.


It was a good long heart to heart “chat”. We were discussing how our life story were actually quite similar. It seems like we were living the same life, but in different countries. I mean everything that sis told me, I can totally relate cos they are what I have been feeling lately also. I always tought only twins have telephaty. I think sis and me have telepathy also.


I just want to say that you are not alone, sis. Here I am, on the other side of the globe, feeling the exact same feelings as u are feeling. And I really miss u loads loads loads. Though our chat is short just now (as compared to our night talks) but I felt hey, I am not alone out there. Somehow I felt better knowing this. So jia you ok?? I love you!! 


me n sis perm miss hanging out… just the 2 of us…

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Tea Time Again!! Oreo Cheesecake

An and me, and our respective hubbies went down to SS (San Sebastian, Spain) when the ban was lifted finally (this was few months back). The “aunties” in us went supermarket shopping in SS when our hubbies left us to do our own shopping while they go for a glass of beer. And we were so excited when we saw Oreo cookies in the supermarket and best of all, it is cheap (only till recently, did we see oreo in the supermarket here and its damn ex la)!! So we each bought a few packets happily.


Hence when it comes to our regular tea session, we decided to do Oreo Cheesecake. Whoever invented Oreo cookies, I think he/she is damn smart la cos Oreo goes with anything. You can put Oreo cookies in ice cream, in cakes, they all taste good.


And this is the end result of our cheesecake. Recipe taken from Kraft website.




P1020413 perfect for tea time…


I have baked several cheesecakes and till now my cakes still crack, although the severity of the crack is getting lesser each time I bake. I am still figuring the way to bake a perfect cheesecake. Will be baking it again for sure. I just bought a baking tin big enough for me to do steam baking. Keke.

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Soya Sauce Chicken

I think everyone will have a food that is close to their heart. Whenever you eat it, you feel good, you feel happy. These food are usually linked to happy childhood memries.


One food that is very close to my heart is soya sauce chicken. This is my ah mah’s speciality. When I was young, ah mah will definitely cook soya sauce chicken when we go to her place for dinner. We will always request for her to cook this dish when we are there. We never get tired of it. And ah mah will make sure that each of us will have one drumstick. Tll now, I have never eaten a soya sauce chicken that tastes nicer than hers. My ah mah cooks the best soya sauce chicken in the world.


As ah mah gets older, she gradually stopped cooking. Now, I think she won’t even remember how to cook soya sauce chicken anymore. It has been a long long time since I last ate her soya sauce chicken and I have never stopped missing it.


Hence, when I came across the recipe for soya sauce chicken one day, I was very happy and I decided I must cook it. And this is my soya sauce chicken.




My soya sauce chicken definitely doesn’t taste as nice as ah mah’s. But it brings a heartwarming smile to my face as I was telling net how ah mah will always cook this dish when my cousins and us (sis and I) went over to her house, how we will always stay over at her place during school holidays, the silly games we play, how ah mah always cook many many dishes and how yeye will always open canned lychee after dinner…


I wished I can be back in Singapore this very moment to cook this dish for ah mah and I will tell her: you cook soya sauce chicken for me when I was young. Now you are old, it is my turn to cook for you. Hopefully this dish will bring her as many happy memories as it has brought me. 🙂

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Why You Live in France

Other than just blogging about food, I think I will entertain you with some interesting anedotes happening in my life… 🙂


My house phone rang the other day. Thinking it was net, since he is the only one who calls our house phone. Turns out, I was wrong. It was some telemarketeer trying to get us to sign on with thier internet service. The guy was blahing away in french and I do not understand a single word he said. So I asked him my best one-liner french: parlez vous anglais (do you speak english)? He paused for a second and said: A little. You no speak french?? I answered: No. And he retorted: Then why you live in France?? Wah lau, I was damn pissed when he said that. In my mind I was thinking: KNN!! You think limpeh like to stay in your country ah?? If limpeh got choice, limpeh will go live in a country which speaks english. Kaoz. Anyway, after he said that i just told him: Je parle petit peu francais (I speak a little french). And he resumed back to speaking french. But whatever he said, I just replied: pardon, je nai sai pas (sorry, I don’t know). After a while, he got fed up and ended the call. Hahaha.


 (this is specially for power)

Lately, I am hooked to this game called cafeworld on fb, where you managed a cafe, earn points to level up and earn money to decorate your cafe. In this game, you can hire your friends to be your waiter/waitress. Su was the one who introduced this game to me so when I first have to hire a friend, I chose her. As my level got higher and I expanded my cafe, I was able to hire more helpers and I subsequently hired net (feels good to see him serving in my cafe, eventhough its just virtual) and my sis. Keke. I was so hooked to this game that I was playing it everyday. One night, while I was playing, I noticed that eventhough I have a lot of food on the counters, my waiter/waitresses are not serving the customers. They just stood at one corner, not moving. Initially I thought there was something wrong with the game so I log off and login again. Same problem. Then I thought maybe I need to change the waiters so I “fired” my sis and “hired” power. But it’s still the same. Power, being the newest waitress, is not serving food as well. So I told net something is wrong with the game. I told him I changed waiter already but the problem is still there. And net asked me:

Net: huh?? u fired me ah??

Me: no, I changed my sis.

Net: so who did you hire?

Me: power. keke

Net: aiya, you hire power, she so KL one, of course she won’t serve customer for you la. hahahaha.

In the end, after much pondering, I finally realised what is wrong. I adjusted my counters and it seems that I have accidentally trapped my waiters between the counters and the tables. :p


So, the problem is solved and now power is happily serving food on my cafe. If you are playing cafe world as well, please add me as your neighbour. 🙂

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Live UEFA Match: Bordeaux Vs Bayern Munich

This is the 2nd live soccer match I’ve watched in my life. 1st match was also UEFA match, Bordeaux vs Macabi. But I didn’t bring my camera and hence I didn’t blog about it.


When net first asked me if I wanted to go watch the matches live, I wasn’t keen. I am not a soccer fan afterall. But net says the atmosphere at the stadium is very different and it is something that I should experience at least once in my life. What’s more, the chances of me catching a UEFA match live is near zero when we are back in Singapore. So I agreed. There were 3 matches in total. 1st match, Bordeaux vs Macabi. 2nd match, Bordeaux vs Bayern Munich and the last match is Bordeaux vs Juventus. I was only interested to watch the last match but the price of getting only one match ticket is almost the same as getting all 3 matches and hence we bought tixs for all 3 of them.


As what net has said, the atmosphere was indeed very different. The whole stadium is filled with people cheering. And eventhough it was homeground for Bordeaux, there was still a section of Bayern fans and they were cheering and singing almost throughout the whole match.


We were “seated” behind the goalpost, which is where the diehard Bordeaux fans were situated. Beside us were the competittor’s fans. I punctuated seated because everyone was standing and its impossible to sit if you want to catch the match. So I stood for a full 90 mins. Bayern fans, though were only a small portion compared to Bordeaux fans, as they were the away team, their cheering was no softer than Bordeauxs’. They sang, cheered and waved their flags almost throughout the match (only stopped when it became quite apparent that Bordeaux would most probably win the match). Sercurity was also very tight throughout to make sure that no Bordeaux fan will come into contact with any Bayern fans. But during halftime, there was a fight within the Bayern fans. Dunno what happened, why they would have internal fight but everyone at Bordeaux side was booing them when they fought. Alot of them even took out their cameras and phones to take pics and videos. I was too hum to do that so I just watched on.


Though Bordeaux won the match, but its a pity that they missed the 2 penalties. If you ask me, watching the match on TV will give you a clearer view but watching the live match is full of excitement and anticipation. Especially when a goal was scored, and more so if that goal is an equalizer or puts the team ahead. The crowd just  goes ecastic. They cheered, they burn this red flash thingy. And when they felt the referee was unjust, or if the opponent team’s goal keeper is taking too much time to kick the ball (wasting time), they booed and booed.


I took this video after Bordeaux scored a goal. Can hear how loud the fans are cheering. At the end of the video, there is a section of fans in red. Those are the Bayern fans. 

Overall, watching live football is fun. I am very looking forward to the next match, which is Bordeaux vs Juventus. I just discovered Buffon is the goal keeper for Juventus. I love him (after Totti of course, but too bad Totti is in Roma and not Juventus)!! But since we will be sitting with the Bordeaux fans, I think I will support Bordeaux but secretly support Juventus. :p


Some pictures that I’ve taken.


P1020453 see the red spark of light? that was what the fans will light when Bordeaux scored a goal.


P1020461 getting ready to kick the penalty…


P1020460 the final score: 2:1


P1020464 match ended.


P1020467 Bordeaux team doing their warm down. We wanted to stay cause we heard that sometimes they will throw their jerserys to the spectators when they are doing their warm downs. But the sercurity was chasing us away. Seems that if we don’t clear, they cant let the Bayern fans go. That’s how tight the sercurity was.


P1020465 net and me. I purposely wore my navy blue trench coat and red scarf (which was passed to net later cos it was damn cold and he didnt bring  his jacket), the colour of the Bordeaux jersey. But they wore their red away jersey that day. I wonder why.

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Ginko Barley

I realised that I baked less during summer. Due to the heat I guess, my house already felt like an oven so I didn’t wanna use the oven much. Instead of baking, during summer, I turned my interest to making tong shui (chinese desserts), which was good cos most of the tong shui are cooling and good for health.


One of the tong shui which I liked very much is Ginko Barley (yee mai fu zhok). Ginko is good for the brains, barley is cooling and fu zhok (the beancurd skin) is good for the skin. So this is a very nourishing dessert that is good for the body and our beauty.


In my opinion, Ginko Barley is also one of daddy’s best dessert. He cooks it differently. Where the normal ginko barley has transparent soup, daddy’s soup is white and tastes like bean curd. And finally, I have found the recipe (from one of the wives here) to cook fu zhok daddy’s style. 🙂



P1020441 can be served hot or cold. both ways equally yummy 🙂


This dessert reminds me of daddy. Today is daddy’s birthday. Happy birthday, daddy. Every year when we celebrate daddy’s birthday, he has to cook for the celebration. Next year I will whip up a fest for u.

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